When the average person hears the term “assisted living”, their mind immediately goes to the negative. Admit it, we all know of someone, or know someone ourselves, who’s lived in one of “those places”. The places that no one wants to talk about, where it smells badly, it’s depressing, and people just go there to die. At least, that’s what a majority of people have likely experienced in their world of senior living.

But what if, you were to learn that perception doesn’t have to be reality for you or your family member? What if, with some educational tools and resources, you could have to ability to work with local senior living communities in your area, that could provide quality care, specific to your family needs at no cost to you? What if you could realize that with a Specialized Family Advocate, your family members can potentially ADD time to their life and most definitely increase their quality of life by finding the RIGHT fit for them?

When Howell’s family came to us in April of 2021, they were at a loss. Howell had been in rehab for quite some time and was approaching discharge with little hope of finding a safe place for him to go after discharge. Howell’s insurance coverage for rehab was running out and his family was doing absolutely everything they could to try and find a solution, but nothing was working, and time was of the essence. Howell was suffering from some cognitive issues and was wandering, so we needed to find a secured, memory care community.

After learning more about Howell and his family, I knew exactly the place that he should be!

The team and I began to work, and they made it happen to get Howell out of rehab and settled into his new home.
In less than a few weeks, Howell was adjusting so well that he was able to spend his days outside of the secured neighborhood and enjoy time with the more independent residents.

One year from the time he moved in, Howell is a completely different man! He is happy, involved, and lives full time over on the unsecured side, with the assisted living folks, and is thriving!

HUGE shout out to the staff at Legacy Ridge at Woodstock, Atlas Senior Living, for making Howell, and all of your residents, a part of your family.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!